Perafita, Matosinhos, Portugal

Agility Transitários

2016 - ...

Execution project

Architecture - Engineering

The building object of this protection, is located in Perafita, municipality of Matosinhos.


It is an industrial pavilion with a mixed structure of

concrete pillars and metal roof, with a minimum right foot of 5.45m, with 6 naves and a free span of 17.5m, making an area of ​​8500m2. The warehouse is made up of reinforced concrete porches on which the cantilever supporting the two-layer metal roof rests.


The building has good accessibility to the national road network, it is close to access to A28. However, there are some deficiencies in the ideal conditions for the logistic operation and for the storage capacity now required.

The aim of the intervention is to improve and

current conditions for logistic activity. To this end, it is proposed to increase the useful height of the vessels to 9 meters in height and to extend the area covered by the closure of the berth in the front of the building. The conditions of manoeuvrability are also improved by placing the discharge docks at 60o in relation to the plane of the façade, increasing the number of piers.


As for the program will be redistributed taking advantage of this expansion. The administrative zone will be placed on the mezzanine resulting from the expansion on the western front. At level 0, this area also includes support for drivers and internal staff, namely service areas and sanitary facilities, locker rooms and changing rooms. In the warehouse will be compartmentalized the ADR chemicals sector and also a compartment for flammable products. These two compartments will be compartments whose elements will be fireproof. An area for safe loading of the forklift trucks will also be used.


The proposed recast is an opportunity to improve the image of the building by giving it a dignity consistent with the brand. The facade cladding will be in profiled steel sheet including thermal insulation. Special attention will be given to the volume resulting from the enlargement, which will house the new wharves and offices, and which will have greater visibility from the main access.

The proposed recast is an opportunity to improve the image of the building by giving it a dignity consistent with the brand.





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