Continued Care Unit






Bragança, Portugal

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Bragança

2007 - 2014


Architecture - Engineering

The proposal is located within the perimeter of Santa Casa da Misericórdia's facilities, which is a complement to a series of valences installed here.


The proposed program is based on the creation of a Continuing Care Unit for 60 users. The Continuing Care Unit - (according to the Continuing Care Recommendations of the General Directorate of Health Facilities and Equipment) results not only from the locally assessed need, but also from the possibility of, through the use of the infrastructure to be created, response in partnership with local health units. It is designed with 36 rooms to which 60 users may correspond. 30 users in a long-term unit and 15 users in medium-duration unit and 15 users in a convalescent unit.


The project is the result of this set of assumptions appropriate to the site and the surroundings.

It is developed taking advantage of the morphological and typological characteristics of the land, considering the set of surrounding constructions, adopting one of the limits of the terrain, taking advantage of the height of the surrounding walls and opening to the landscape, with the inherent advantages of the fact to be located in a high point, with excellent sun exposure - facing south and west.


As a principle it seeks to fit into the surrounding surroundings, enhancing a garden space, in connection with the wide, volumetrically fitting with the pre-existing constructions. From this framework and the program in accordance with the legislation in force, the creation of four floors is the one located at the lowest and partially buried level divided into two large areas, one destined for medical and physical rehabilitation and another for services where include the kitchen, laundry, general warehouses, all personnel facilities and all other supports necessary for the capable operation of this unit. It is also included in this floor next to a service access and with easy exit to the outside, the morgue. Taking into account the unevenness provided by the terrain it is possible to enter "de quota" on this floor -1, through the south top of the building. This allows easy service access to previously referenced areas.





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