MOFASE - Architecture and Engineering, Inc., is dedicated to the drafting of architectural and engineering as well as the conduct and coordination of global projects and coordination and supervision of works.
Result of diversity of its orders and professional experience already acquired, the MOFASE distinguished by the scope of their activities is not limited to a specific market. There are several examples of such heterogeneity, which works on single-family residential buildings, multi-family, commercial and services, industrial plants, hospitals, sports, rehabilitation and refurbishment of buildings, etc.. With the guidance and responsibility in the areas of architecture and civil engineering, respectively, of the jurisdiction of the Architect Victor Seabra and Luís Seabra, the MOFASE maintains a team of young technicians, with a core group working together for over ten years actively participating in the preparation of the work.

MOFASE has its own facilities in Matosinhos, with ample space of two hundred square meters and garages to the hall 5.2, the number of 821 Rua Álvaro Castelões (office building in the city center, known as Edifício Álvaro Castelões).