MOFASE is dedicated to the development of architectural and engineering projects, as well as the realization and coordination of global projects and coordination and supervision of field works.

Result of the diversity of its orders and professional experience, MOFASE distinguished itself by the scope of their activities that are not limited to a specific market and that is able to respond to any type of project.

There are several examples of such heterogeneity, such as projects on single-family residential buildings, multi-family, commercial and services, industrial plants, hospitals, pavilions, rehabilitation projects and refurbishment of buildings, among many others.

Committed to delivering high-quality projects and innovative solutions.

Mofase distinguished by the scope of their activities that are not limited to a specific market.

We provide all the services inherent to Architecture as well as news about Engineering, Construction and Architecture, Design ideas, interior and exterior, construction products, among others.

The latest Architecture projects, including categories such as Equipment, Rehabilitation, Housing, Commercial, Services, Health and Industrial.


High ceilings and huge windows refer to industrial traditions.


While the architectural form is the statement, it is the choice of interior finishes, and the superior quality thereof, that defines the everyday.


Unique facade decoration, luxurious terraces, various layouts and panoramic windows that make any views incomparable.