Madalena’s Auditorium

The project presents a program with several aspects, where the intention is to build a space that can be used for performance events or events related to the teaching of music and other arts. Cumulatively, the building will have a capacity for more than 300 seated people, plus an area intended for people with disabilities.

The projected building takes advantage of the proximity to Orfeão da Madalena and has a volumetric and functional relationship with the building. It is foreseen that in the future, the two buildings can complement each other, therefore a connection can be made through the lower level, where the dressing rooms and the accesses to the stage are located. The building’s implantation foresees that the entrance of users is made through Rua Orfeão da Madalena, taking advantage of the reference level to, from there, design the functional program. It is intended that the functional program be distributed over two floors, promoting simplicity and ease of access to different spaces. The spaces will be organized with the stage support and administration areas on the lower floor and on the street level floor the main access with the reception, exhibition area and audience.

The terrain where the Equipment is located has a height difference of 5 meters between the entry point at Rua Orfeão da Madalena and the closest point to the terrain. Thus, the natural slope of the terrain is used to build a volume that grabs the terrain at the lowest level, with the technical areas and at street level, the floor for access to the auditorium. The building is based on a scale of the existing urban fabric, more specifically on the adjoining building, fulfilling the idea of establishing a close relationship to Orfeão da Madalena Volumetrically and functionally.


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