Vitor Seabra

Matosinhos on 12 November 1964. Does your primary and secondary schooling in Matosinhos, in parallel makes the general course of the Conservatory of Music of Porto in the areas of piano and cello. Joins in the course of Architecture College of Fine Arts in Oporto in 1984. Finished the course of architecture already in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto in 1989. Is registered with the Portuguese Architects Association-North regional section, now of Architects since February 6, 1990, to 3891 the number N. Starts work as a professional even during the liberal curriculum, working in several architectural offices. Founded in 1989, where his own office starts to independently develop their business. From 1994 is working in association with the Engineer Luis Seabra, whose company maintains under the name of MOFASE, Architecture and Engineering, Inc.

During these years of activity has intervened in several areas, a variety of programs such as single-family housing, collective housing, sports facilities, cultural and health services, etc.

Also in the period to participate in various conferences, seminars and tenders with the allocation of several prizes.